After serving the Victoria community for over eight years, the Victoria Holistic Health Clinic has closed its doors (as of the end of August 2021), HOWEVER the VHHC’s director Séamus continues to see clients in person at his private office just 5 minutes away. Like many of us Séamus has pivoted to an online approach as well.

The information about Séamus below is still relevant so feel free to keep reading and if you’d like to check out an alternative version, click the button below

“Your body’s transformational abilities are miraculous and the power of your MIND drives the miracle.

Heal and harmonize your Body-Mind and experience health you never thought possible.”

~ Séamus Osiris

I’m Séamus, head therapist and director of the VHHC and developer of this website.

After two-decades immersed in medicine, both conventional and alternative, this is what I’ve come to know: the Body and Mind are ONE and when they work together…

…miracles happen!

I would’ve rolled my eyes if you tried telling me something as cliché as that before I knew what was possible. I mean, if YOU are currently anything like I was then…

You’re sore or in pain in some way… every. Single. Day.

You’re stuck in unhealthy eating patterns, lifestyle patterns, and thinking patterns, and no matter how hard you try, you keep falling back into them.

You’re addicted… to your phone, to social media, to sugar, to coffee, (or possibly harder things) and to your story of pain… of feeling sorry for yourself. Plus, most of it seems innocent on the outside, but deep down you know it’s all adding up.

Your mental and emotional problems persist no matter what you do. Your mind and emotions feel out of control. It’s like you’re trapped in your habits.

Your gut (your inner guidance) is talking to you, you know you need to listen, but you don’t. You are the master of avoidance and distraction.

You’re not just hard on yourself… you’re self abusive with your self-talk (ie. you would never dream of treating others the way you treat yourself sometimes).

You know you need to change, but you just can’t. Personal accountability seems impossible.

And finally, you’re certainly not convinced miraculous healing is a thing, at least not for you.

The above describes my dismal state at that time in my life UNTIL… !

… until that fateful day when my answers came in the form of a mysterious teacher.


I was 18, living on my own for the first time, totally clueless about real life. I was on one of my routine visits to the local “mom and pop” natural food store in my home town. It was a place I was starting to frequent more and more to find natural solutions to my failing health. One of the older staff (an unsuspecting older woman with an unusual presence about her) was answering one of my endless questions when suddenly she paused. Her knowing face locked with mine as her metallic eyes pierced right through mine in the silence. After what seemed like a long time, her whole body appeared to suddenly light up and what she said reverberated through me. She told me she knew who I was, that I had forgotten, and that she had important things to remind me of. I felt like a four year old being conscripted by buddhist monks and a wave of emotion came over me. She invited me to her home for tea and so began my first apprenticeship.

I began visiting her home regularly. There were strange herbs and plants everywhere, Japanese scrolls and bamboo training weapons on the walls, and strange concoctions bubbling on the stove. She was a master healer of ancient Taoist medicine, a multi-black belt martial artist, and so much more I won’t get into here.

Long story short, she saw a truth in me I had only whispers of throughout my life. She saw my potential and she helped me remember who I truly am. I then knew why I came here in this life thanks to the assistance of this person. She was my catalyst, the person I had been needing to meet to help me transcend myself and the countless problems I had at the time. I woke up from my western ignorance. My health catapulted, my body transformed, and I’ve walked the path since. Life has never been the same and unbeknownst to me, a catalyst was all I needed.

Many stories of personal transformation such as mine involve being in the right place at the right time, often to meet the right person, that catalyst you’ve been waiting for. And if you’re anything like me, then perhaps you believe it is no accident that you’re reading this…

…Perhaps YOU are in the right place, perhaps it is YOUR time, and perhaps these words were written by YOUR Catalyst.

So who am I today?

I’ll sum it up for you in three points…


I carry out this purpose…

…by EMPOWERING YOU with an abundance of tools and techniques proven effective in healing the human body and mind, by passing down over 20 years of education on the hidden truths of human reality, and by imparting the secrets of how to live a THRIVING life…


…by teaching and applying the methods and wisdom THAT WORK – that of ancient body-energy techniques, modern energy-psychology techniques, and subconscious repatterning practices, all of which quickly and effectively harmonize the body AND mind to power the life you were born to live…

…by committing to your success through ongoing contact as your coach, mentor, and guide in health and life as you


No bio is complete without the iconic looking-off-into-the-distance shot 😉

To help people heal is not my career, it is my Path, and I encourage you to experience the difference for yourself.

So, how did I come to all of this? If you want the details, here they are in a nutshell:

 At 18, after learning what I could from my first teacher mentioned above, I moved to Vancouver to learn bodywork formally. There I graduated from the Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy in 2000. I knew the city wasn’t for me and left to live on the magical island of Salt Spring, BC. There I pursued a more traditional education through apprenticeships under various esoteric healers. I learned about energy-psychology, energy healing, and countless forms of bodywork. I received attunement as a Reiki Master, graduated from the Hakomi Education Network, received certification in Psych-K, attended regular non-violent communication practice groups, and meditated constantly. My ambitions had a hold of me. I went on to found the Salt Spring Healing Art’s Circle, the Salt Spring Men’s Circle, and co-founded SSEEDS (the Salt Spring Eco-Village Education and Development Society). After that, I was finally ready to spread my wings, move on from that crazy island, and get serious about practicing in a bigger community. I moved to rural Victoria, BC and soon found myself in school AGAIN!… this time learning Chinese medicine and BodyTalk. And just when I thought I was done for a while, I found the Horizon School of Hypnotherapy. I just couldn’t help myself. So, shortly after my graduation from Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology in 2016, I went on to formally learn hypnotherapy, a technique I had already been implementing but needed to refine. I had also already been acting as a coach, counsellor, and guide for my more committed clients, so I simultaneously apprenticed under two amazing mentors that helped me refine those abilities as well. I continue to learn from them to this day and have finally given myself a bit of a break from formal education.

Here in the beautiful capital of BC I remain where I continue to develop myself and the efficacy of my offerings. Taking a break from school is finally coming easy as the wonderful results of my work compel me to focus on my practice. On the side I’m developing an online venture focused on teaching advanced holism and I mentor young men in need. In the future I plan to become a published author and to travel the world public speaking about the profound implications of our true human potential.

When I take the healer hat off I’m busy with my latest projects and adventures. In the past it was producing my clothing designs in Bali, building yurts in the woods, finding excuses to wear my kilt, or letting my creative juices flow on the latest acoustic instrument. These days I’m trying my hands at playing digital instruments, dancing the lindy-hop, nerding out on the latest conspiracy, or wagging my tail on road-trip adventures. On the daily you’ll find me running in local nature spots, working on my laptop at local cafés, meditating and stretching every chance I can, and having long philosophical discussions while walking in the woods with friends.

And there you have it. A wee smidgen of my story. So, the question remains, do I get to meet YOU? I’d love the priviledge. My offerings are below 😉

My Services:


Integrated Bodywork (IB)

Experience all-in-one bodywork

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Integrated Bodywork (IB) is exactly as it sounds – it is an integration or synergy of some of the most effective physical and energetic methods of bodywork treatment, both modern and ancient. IB utilizes a broad range of techniques to increase the scope of what can be accomplished in sessions and significantly speeds the body’s self-healing abilities. IB “may” greatly reduce recovery time from certain types of chronic health conditions, such as:

  • chronic pain
  • alignment issues, both skeletal & muscular
  • chronic back problems, particularly lower back pain
  • chronic neck, shoulder, and joint pain
  • chronic headaches/migraines
  • arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.
  • menstrual dysfunction and irregularity
  • chronic digestive/gastro-intestinal conditions
  • other chronic organ problems leading to serious health conditions
  • long-standing mental-emotional issues including depression and anxiety
  • degenerative nerve conditions

IB recognizes that the more angles at which you come at a particular problem, the faster it is solved. The methods and procedures utilized in Integrated Bodywork overlap with the following disciplines:  Shiatsu Therapy, Tui Na Massage (Traditional Chinese Massage for Injuries), Active Release, Orthopedic Assessment, Cupping, Medical Qi Gong, Polarity Therapy, Re-Balancing, Biofeedback / Muscle Testing, Bodytalk, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Myo-fascial Release, Dry-needling, guided visualization, etc. There is much overlap in the techniques used in all of the above modalities, a few of which are explained below.

Some of the elements of IB


The art of Cupping is an ancient practice found in many cultures. From China, Korea, and Japan, to Afghanistan, Egypt, & Mongolia, cupping has been used for centuries by much of the Eastern continent. Traditional cupping involves the use of orb shaped cups made of natural materials such as glass, clay, and sometimes wood. Of course in modern day plastic cups have been developed as well.

The magic of cupping lies in the vacuum effect of the cups. The practitioner creates this vacuum by quickly inserting a flame into the opening of the cup to burn off any oxygen after which the cup is quickly placed on the skin before oxygen can re-enter. This vacuum or suction effect creates a negative pressure 3 inches into the body, working to draw out dead cells, poisons, and toxins held deep within the tissues and organs.

The principle use of cupping is to heal very old soft tissue damage from long-standing injuries; injuries such as from sports, motor vehicle accidents, and repetitive use. Cupping helps to relax chronic muscle spasms and tension, resolve headaches, and can quickly turn around colds and flu’s. It is especially effective in resolving the problems associated with scar tissue and myo-fascial adhesions.

It is important to note that cupping leaves noticeable marks on the body. The skin becomes red, blue or dark purple resembling bruising from physical impact. These marks, however, are a healthy and natural bi-product of the healing process. They can be touched and pressed without pain. It can take up to two weeks for the skin to return to it’s usual colour.


Shiatsu utilizes a wide range of acupressure techniques for various chronic and acute health problems including: Pain & stiffness of the joints, musculoskeletal alignment issues, low-back pain, neck & shoulder pain, headaches & migraines, menstrual dysfunction, and digestive dysfunction.

Most methodologies residing under the umbrella of acupressure, including Shiatsu, utilize both physical and energetic stimulation of specific points all over the body. The still and focused nature of Shiatsu is what sets it apart from the rest.

There are two main schools of thought when it comes to Shiatsu. One branch (sometimes called the “Namikoshi” method) places all of it’s emphasis on acupressure applied only by the fingers, namely the thumbs. Namikoshi Shiatsu is based completely on Western science. It’s framework is based solely on western anatomy, physiology, and patho-physiology and locations of points are deduced strictly in relation to the physical structures of the body.

The other main branch of Shiatsu, Zen Shiatsu, is a traditional style utilizing not only the fingers and thumbs, but any part of the body deemed effective, such as the palms, elbows, forearms, knees, and feet. Emphasis is placed on Qi, tsubos, and meridians themselves (the lines of pure energy running through the body.  See FAQs page for more info on these concepts). Like all ancient healing sciences, Zen Shiatsu utilizes the same meridian and tsubo systems of the body that eastern acupuncture does. Practitioners use their “intrinsic force” to manipulate the Qi, tsubos, and mai (meridians) of the patient. This concept is common within all ancient eastern healing sciences.

In both forms of Shiatsu the practitioner assesses and treats the body simultaneously, making Shiatsu one of the most efficient forms of hands-on treatment.

Energy Healing

Most traditional healing methods from around the world include an energy healing component. Though very physical in nature, methodologies like shiatsu, acupuncture, thai massage, etc. all focus on the Qi of the body, not the physicality. There are also other methods included in IB that are exclusively energetic. Here are a couple:

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique utilizing the subconscious power of symbols and awareness of energy-flow patterns. The symbols and their meaning are safe-guarded amongst Reiki practitioners in order to preserve the purity and safety of their use. The mind is used to project energy through the practitioner and patient to heal the body on all levels through the energetic foundations of organic life.

Pranic healing has it’s roots in Ayurveda, India’s most revered healing science system.  Pranic healing utilizes the subconscious power of colour, and sometimes sound, in order to work with the energies of the human body more effectively. Every colour has it’s own unique healing properties which the practitioner uses to manipulate the energies of the patient. This is a potent energy healing technique, the use of which must be used with care.


Hypnosis goes by many names in the modern age: Trance, flow state, theta state, “the zone”, etc. It is the state of hyper-learning and therefore the ideal state for changing your subconscious patterns – a process hypnotherapy is specifically designed for.

Hypnotherapy is the father modality of all subconscious mind-related healing arts in the West. The techniques used in hypnotherapy were borrowed from Taoist & Buddhist monks by westerners long ago, and made into the effective, efficient, and science-based art-form that it is today. Through intentional use of the hypnosis, hypnotherapists use a wide variety of techniques to transform a client’s unwanted behaviours and health problems. They do this by re-engineering the core (subconscious) beliefs that drive the body-mind in the way the client desires. The result is often a new and vastly superior modus operandi – a set of behaviours that finally generate the thriving healthy life that was beginning to seem impossible for many.

Whether the difficulty lies in chronic depression, anxiety, addiction, low self-worth, phobias, or any other form of self-deprecation and self-sabotage, hypnotherapy has a reputation for getting to the root cause of these issues, generating lasting (and often permanent) transformations. Though hypnotherapy “may” be most well known for dealing with phobias and addictions, its uses today surpass these, “possibly” lending itself well to countless physical, psycho-emotional, and even spiritual health problems. Because western science has now proven what ancient cultures around the world have taught for millenia, that the mind can directly change the body, hypnotherapy “may” be considered helpful for virtually any health problem. The placebo effect is testament to just that.

Our repeating patterns of thought create our beliefs, which result in our behaviour, which results in both our character and bodily health. By working to effectively alter core belief systems to work for you rather than against you, hypnotherapy facilitates self-realized potential through the mysterious and powerful placebo effect of your mind.

Tui Na

Tui Na (‘twee-nah’) is an ancient form of traditional Chinese massage. It involves repetitive, deep, stroking methods of massage along with passive stretching, pulsating pressure, skeletal adjustments techniques similar to western chiropractic, and myo-fascial release techniques similar to Active Release. Like Shiatsu, the Tui Na practitioner utilizes intrinsic force to have their pressure penetrate into the body in a way that feels deeper and far more satisfying than what just muscle strength (eg. western massage) can provide. Tui Na “may” be renowned for helping resolve deep-seated soft tissue damage caused by severe physical trauma (such as from motor-vehicle accidents or sports injuries). Other conditions Tui Na is known to effectively alleviate are: Chronic muscle pain and fatigue, bone injuries, chronic headaches/migraines, skeletal misalignment issues, menstrual dysfunction, edema, myo-fascial compression syndromes, scar tissue complications, & gastro-intestinal dysfunction. Tui Na and Shiatsu have similar track records in their effectiveness and are based on virtually the same ancient sciences. If you wish to learn more about the workings of these asian healing systems please read the information provided in the “Shiatsu” tab.


Life Coaching & Counsel (LCC)

Experience next-level life coaching, upgrade your life, never look back

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LCC is an empowerment-driven fully integrated coaching approach to personal transformation, designed to lift your life to a new level. LCC addresses all areas of life (diet, exercise, mental health, dating, relationships, self-esteem, self sabotage, etc.) and accelerates your ability to overcome your greatest personal health and life challenges. LCC is facilitated through regular daily contact through video/phone calls, texts, and in person sessions (for locals), plus homework, accountability commitments, hypnotherapeutic elements, and various other methods of ensuring you get on track and stay there. Have you ever experienced reliable, effective, and next-level support from someone who knows how to have your back in a way that actually works for you? Imagine the combined force of both soft and tough love from a human being that won’t let you back down on yourself… a huge heart that both holds space for your tears and fears, yet holds you accountable so you never give up again. LCC will change your life if you let it. Book a free intro coaching call today and see if these words match your experience. I dare you 😉


Hack your subconscious, get over your sh*t!  😉

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Hypnotherapy is the father modality in the west for all subconscious mind (energy-psychology) related healing arts. The techniques used in hypnotherapy were borrowed from Taoist monks by westerners long ago, and made into the effective, efficient, and science-based art-form that it is today. Through intentional use of the hypnotic state (aka. hypnosis or trance), a hypnotherapist uses a wide variety of techniques to transform a client’s unwanted repetitive behaviours by re-engineering the core beliefs that drive them. Whether the difficulty lies in chronic depression, anxiety, addiction, low self-worth, phobias, or any other form of self-deprecation and self-sabotage, hypnotherapy gets to the root cause of these issues generating lasting (and often permanent) positive change. Though hypnotherapy is most well known for dealing with phobias and addictions, its uses today far surpass these, lending itself well to countless physical, psycho-emotional, and spiritual health problems.

Body-Mind Repatterning (BMR) is an integration of elements found in hypnosis, EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing), muscle testing, tapping, live-channelling, and others.

Our beliefs shape how we think, which results in our behaviour, which results in our character. By working to effectively alter core belief systems to work for you rather than against you, hypnotherapy facilitates self-realized potential through intentional activation of the mysterious and powerful placebo effect of your mind.