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Body-Mind Repatterning Packages

Body-Mind Repatterning (BMR) is a subconscious pattern changing system. Why is this important? Because if you can change your sub or un-conscious thinking patterns, you can change your life, including the health conditions you may be dealing with. It is becoming more and more scientifically evident that the way we think is mostly subconscious (below our conscious awareness) and that our perspective/beliefs/attitudes (the ways in which our mind has become programmed to respond to the world) is responsible for the majority of our suffering. It is all too easy and tempting to blame most of our problems on the outside world. Some scientists boldly argue, however, that the main culprit behind most of our health problems (including cancer, depression, bi-polar, auto-immune diseases, etc.) is our subconscious mind, not some random chemical change that we’ve fallen victim to.

It is estimated that 95% of our decisions are running on autopilot. This automation (the subconscious), was largely formed by the “programming” we received as children during our upbringing. The myth has always been that the only way to change these autopilot patterns, no matter how destructive they may be (ie. drug addictions, low self-esteem, depression, chronic illness, phobias, suicidal thoughts, etc.) is to slowly Will the change into being; that only through years of arduous effort and talk therapy will we finally bring the new constructive and empowering behaviours we’ve always longed for into being. This is not the case however. Changing our subconscious can in fact be instantaneous, if not within just a few sessions. Book a BMR session today and see for yourself.

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