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Body-Mind Repatterning – 2 Sessions


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  • Description

    This package is designed for the consistency required for healing to take place.  For this reason, the discount offered through this package expires after 4 weeks of the purchase date.  Please schedule your sessions within this period of time.  Any sessions scheduled outside of this package period will return to full value and this difference will be owing.  If you have any questions, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help.


    The potential of Body-mind Repatterning:

    BMR has the potential to help you finally change your destructive patterns & beliefs and the health problems they’ve generated.  Whether suffering from chronic illness, cancer, phobias, depression, addiction, etc. BMR can help turn things around.  By utilizing some of the more effective subconscious altering methods of the modern day, it works to change your self-limiting beliefs and ways of being in the world.  How you perceive reality, what you believe, and the attitude you bring to situations are all a product of your subconscious mind which ultimately dictates your experience of reality.  This includes the illnesses you experience.

    There is a reason all modern day scientific research papers on new medications require placebo testing.  It is because your mind is extremely powerful, it can both generate and reverse disease, and science quietly recognizes this fact – hence the legally required inclusion of placebo tests.  BMR is designed to tap into this power to ensure the inner transformation necessary for your healing.  To do this, BMR draws on techniques from four main modalities: Hypnotherapy, Bodytalk, Hakomi, and Reiki. Specific techniques applied within these four disciplines are hypnosis, biofeedback (ie. muscle testing), somatics, counseling, tapping, energy work, visualizations, breath-work, etc.  Together, these powerhouses have the potential to expedite the transformation you’ve been striving for.

    Re-configure your body-mind back to it’s optimal state, empower yourself with an unbeatable personal belief system, and realize your true potential in this lifetime.  Take a leap in your growth and try Body-Mind Repatterning.


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