Please, fill in your answers to the following questions to the best of your ability.

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.  There is no right or wrong answer.  If you find any of the questions below confusing or too difficult to answer, feel free to skip that one and move on to the next.  All information shared is held in strict confidence and will only be read by the practitioner of the VHHC whom you worked with.  Only your practitioner will receive this feedback.  We deeply appreciate your time and energy in helping us improve by filling out this form 🙏🏼

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How did the booking process go for you?
How was the overall atmosphere of the clinic when you arrived (aesthetics, temperature, cleanliness, etc.)?
Did your practitioner make you feel welcome, comfortable and safe?

Were you physically warm and comfortable during your appointment?
How was the music?

Were you happy with the time and attention given to what you came in to address?

How did you feel about the techniques, hypnotic suggestions, & overall direction your practitioner chose during your session?
Did you feel heard, understood, and respected by your practitioner?

Despite the down-to-earth approach we value in our practitioners at the VHHC, were you happy with the level of professionalism you were shown?

How did you feel about the information, suggestions, advice, or observations your practitioner shared during and/or at the end of your appointment if any?
Were you happy with the conclusion of your appointment (ie. having the opportunity to have questions answered, opportunity to reschedule, information shared, exercises demonstrated, the payment process, etc.)?
Please rate how well we did in fulfilling your needs (1 being lousy, 10 being oustanding):

How would you rate your overall experience with your practitioner (between 1 and 10)?

Would you come back to the Victoria Holistic Health Clinic again in the future?

You may use the comments space below to share a Testimonial or any additional comments if you like. Testimonials of 100 words or more, describing the specifics of your experience, are worth a $15 credit to your account