Cancer treatment testimonials

One of my relatives was given three months to live due to pancreatic cancer by a doctor. But now she is living a comparatively healthy life every day because the cancer almost disappeared after she used resonance therapy. Detailed report: Sixty-eight years-old female (y sister in law) As she felt ill she went to the hospital and got a medical examination. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was given three months to live. She started to take focoidan along with anti-cancer drugs and did almost everything recommended by Hulda Clark. She happened to find [resonance therapy] on the net and started to use it as a last hope. Then after six months it turned out that her pancreatic cancer almost disappeared if not completely. She seems to attribute it to anti-cancer drugs but recently she has come to understand that anti-cancer drugs never cure cancer. Even her doctor said that such recovery was a very rare case and incredible. She is now 72 and I hear her pancreatic cancer has diminished.


Aug. 30, 2013

Pancreatic Cancer (Terminal)

Thank you ... As for the bitter taste in my mouth, it disappeared after the one resonance therapy session. I have had a nagging pain for several months now on the right side of my ribs. It feels like if this could have something to do with my liver and possibly with the bitter taste in my mouth but, I doubt it for I hardly ever drink alcohol given that half a glass of wine will get me rather tipsy but I do drink coffee in excess. I can not tell for I am not a doctor and I would not attempt to see my GP for he is useless and not very interested in his patients but I will continue using resonance therapy for I have already noticed improvements in the tumor in my breast (fibroadenoma since I was 18 years old), I am now 50 years old. I can now touch the breast for changes and feel no pain. This is all a mystery to me.

Thanks a lot and my very best wishes to you.

Maria G.

May 15, 2009

Breast Cancer

Dan here again ... hope you've been well. There's been 2 people I know personally that have removed Cancer from their jaw & from the prostate [using rife resonance] since I have spoke with you last ... great device !

Prostate Cancer

... I want to thank you both for the information you provided me, and all the help. It really made a big difference. I used the machine you lent me exactly five times - twice before the surgery, and three times since. I had a tumor on each side before surgery, and when they looked at the removed tissue they couldn't find any cancerous cells on the left side - so they think the original biopsy removed it all. I bet you guys have a different opinion. 🙂 As of this week, all the test results are in, and all the doctors are pleased, and agree there is no need for chemo or radiation - and I'm convinced I beat it completely. I feel like I went into battle with a tremendous army at my back, showed no mercy, and claimed absolute victory. Thank you for being part of my force.


Nov. 4, 2007

General Tumours

... I would also like to tell you that the 2 friends who had cancer that I persuaded to use resonance therapy have both fully recovered. I don't know if it was just the therapy but I am sure it helped. 



July 27, 2007

Cancer (general)

I underwent a surgery to remove part of liver last June. I'm 78 years old now. After the surgery I made extensive research on the net for fear of recurrence. I don't take any anti-cancer drugs as I was told they have only harms and no benefits at hospital. I tried herbal treatment according to the "cancer = virus theory", taking Chinese medicinal herbs for three months, whose name I forgot. I tried everything that is said to be beneficial. From fasting to fucoidan, believe me, I tried everything. But I take nothing now. I've found the final thing that is guaranteed to stop recurrence. I was sentenced to have only three months to live and the people around me were all disappointed when I tried your resonance therapy and simply got cured. My doctor was amazed. It is the resonance therapy that did it. You can find it if you google it -- msn QA Japan. 


Oct. 13, 2011

Liver Cancer (Terminal)

"Hi... just want to give you an update....I want to tell you how great your device is and that it truly did help my mother!!!!!

In the past when my mother was on kemo, she took a long time to heal, but now with [resonance therapy], it has cut her healing time in half, if not more!!!!

It is truly great technology and I highly recommend it to anyone!!!!

Thanks. Y.

Jan. 30, 2006

Chemotherapy and Electroporation

Dan here again ... hope you've been well. There's been 2 people I know personally that have removed Cancer from their jaw & from the prostate using resonance therapy since I have spoke with you last ... great device !

Thx again


Sept. 25, 2007

Bone Cancer

... My friend Tom with the Squamus Cell Tongue cancer is doing ok! He went way down before we got him back ... he was at 165-170 [lbs] prior, dropped to 97 [lbs] before the tongue reduced its swollen condition ... with tumor no longer a threat to the tongue, done with persistent resonance therapy! (at his jaw sides and throat area). Doctors thought he'd be dead by now, when we just had him in to the hospital to have his feeding tube tightened up as it had come loose and was leaking. Got some red blood transfusions ... and his blood tests and cat scans had all the doctors who treated him originally putting in the tube baffled ... and he's 130 lbs.! 



May 1, 2008

Squamous Cell Carcinoma