After serving the Victoria community for over eight years, the Victoria Holistic Health Clinic is closing its doors (as of the end of August 2021), however the VHHC’s director Séamus continues to see clients in person at his private office just 5 minutes away. Like many of us Séamus has pivoted to an online approach as well.

If you wish to book an appointment with Séamus or learn more about his new offerings, please visit:


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There is an optimal service route and health plan best suited for everyone, including you. Book a Discovery Consult to get the direction, answers, and solutions you’re searching for.

Discovery Consults

Discovery Consults bring clarity, hope, and inspiration back to the table. We will make sense of your health challenges for you, provide the solutions you most likely don’t know exist, and give you a clear plan of action to move forward with. This is no ordinary consult. Get ready to discovery what’s possible. Get ready to get better.

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Receive guidance, knowledge, direction, new perspective, and powerful exercises – all catered to your specific health concerns. Experience feeling seen and actually listened to by a health expert. We have profound solutions to share with you – solutions actively being kept from public knowledge by an industry that has too much to lose if you get better. Bring a pen and paper because we have a lot to share with you, not only in the way of solutions, but in a step-by-step plan of action. This plan will outline the recommended healing modalities, lifestyle changes, remedies, and personal practices you can immediately implement in your life to resolve your problems. Discover for yourself what a truly integrated Eastern-Western medical approach can do to transform your life.

Price: $60  |  Duration: 55 min.

Our MIND WORK Services:

Your thoughts power the placebo effect. Put more literally, your thoughts directly alter the cells of your body. Science does not deny this as placebos are a required inclusion in drug studies. The power of your mind is not only extraordinary, it is proven. And Mind Work, is the art of tapping into that power to change your life in ways you didn’t know possible.

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95% of your thoughts come from your subconscious. You know, that part of your mind that generates all of those relentless looping thought patterns you have each day.

For most of us, our auto-pilot subconscious thoughts are definitely not in our control, nor are they helping us live the life we want to live. Too much of the time our subconscious seems to be working against us. Addictions, self-sabotage, persistent emotional struggles, physical health problems, and ultimately the inability to thrive in life (in the way we know we could if we could just “get it together”)… are the results of a dysfunctional subconscious. So, how do we gain control? How do we get the potent placebo effects of our subconscious to work for us rather than against us? The answers are simple. Easy? Not necessarily, but simple, yes. Book a Discovery Consult to learn our formula.

Health Consults

Semi-regular educational “intensives” and health plan updates (the purposes of this service) are essential when moving forward on your health journey. Health Consults keep the ball rolling on your health plan by expanding your knowledge, adding to your practices, and offering more solutions that you can immediately act on in your life.

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Receive more guidance, knowledge, exercises, and new perspective about all of your health concerns whilst also receiving emotional support, counsel, and a coaching style that integrate both western and eastern holistic sciences. Plus, get connected to local practitioners, other alternative clinics, and the countless solutions of the modern age that the pharmaceutical industry does not want you to know about. Contact us today to learn more.

BMR – Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is the father modality in the west for all healing arts focused on fixing dysfunction of the subconscious mind. Through intentional use of the hypnotic state (aka. hypnosis or trance), a hypnotherapist uses a wide variety of techniques to help put an end to self-sabotage, addictions, mental health conditions, physical health problems, and many other problems by helping change the core beliefs that drive them.


Hypnotherapy is the father modality in the west for all subconscious mind (energy-psychology) related healing arts. The techniques used in hypnotherapy were borrowed from Taoist monks by westerners long ago, and made into the effective, efficient, and science-based art-form that it is today. Through intentional use of the hypnotic state (aka. hypnosis or trance), a hypnotherapist uses a wide variety of techniques to transform a client’s unwanted repetitive behaviours by re-engineering the core beliefs that drive them. Whether the difficulty lies in chronic depression, anxiety, addiction, low self-worth, phobias, or any other form of self-deprecation and self-sabotage, hypnotherapy gets to the root cause of these issues generating lasting (and often permanent) positive change. Though hypnotherapy is most well known for dealing with phobias and addictions, its uses today far surpass these, lending itself well to countless physical, psycho-emotional, and spiritual health problems.

Body-Mind Repatterning (BMR) is an integration of elements found in hypnosis, EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing), muscle testing, tapping, live-channelling, and others.

Our beliefs shape how we think, which results in our behaviour, which results in our character. By working to effectively alter core belief systems to work for you rather than against you, hypnotherapy facilitates self-realized potential through intentional activation of the mysterious and powerful placebo effect of your mind.

BMR – Packages:

There are three differently sized packages to choose from for this service: Two, three, and four session packages. Each package has a different redemption period which is a specific time-span in which each session must be completed. Choose the package that best suits your needs.

Life Coaching & Counsel (LCC)

Life Coaches are educated and experienced advisors. Having been through their own darkness, Life Coaches have learned the art of transcendence over personal challenges. From mental illness and addiction, to self-sabotage and limiting beliefs, Life Coaches are the ideal leader to have on your side because they’ve been there, done that.

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Have you ever received good advice that you were unable to follow or learned a solution to your problems that you couldn't stay committed to? Does it seem impossible to change or to be at least somewhat accountable to yourself and your goals so that change can finally happen?

How would you like to have someone on your side that has been through and overcome similar personal challenges as you? And what would it be like to have consistent access to said person?

LCC is an empowering and fully integrated coaching approach to personal transformation. LCC = powerful, life-changing, next-level leadership designed to lift you to the heights of your potential. Be guided by someone with experience as you set goals and make sustainable changes that dramatically improve your life and level of success. Address all areas of life (diet, exercise, mental health, finances, dating, relationships, self-esteem, self sabotage, etc.) and accelerate your ability to overcome personal health and life challenges.

LCC is facilitated through daily contact through video-calls, texts, etc., plus homework, accountability commitments, hypnotherapeutic elements, and various other methods of ensuring you finally achieve solidified change that endures. LCC may include elements from life coaching, counselling, Hakomi, CBT, Hypnosis, EMDR, NLP, mentorship, shamanism.

Unearth the truth of your struggles, take control of your life, experience your potential.

The most powerful, long-lasting results from coaching come only through consistency. We’re talking daily contact kind of consistency. To provide this, we offer coaching packages for both local and international customers.

Each package is either one or two months long. All packages are focused on an online coaching approach conducted via video and regular phone calls, texts, and email. Local clients benefit from the option of packages that include in-person sessions as well. Choose the package that best suits you.

Internation or Local Clients

Local Clients Only

Our BODY WORK Services:

Integrated Bodywork (IB)

IB is a synergy of the most effective elements found in various healing arts from both Eastern and Western healing sciences. From tangibly deep massage and structural adjustments, to energy field and neurological corrections, IB works. Within its scope are conditions such as chronic back and neck pain, digestive disorders, menstrual problems, cancer prevention, and sports injuries. If you’d like to experience a full-body, holistic approach to physical relief and beyond, this is our signature bodywork service. 

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Integrated Bodywork (IB) is exactly as it sounds - it is an integration or synergy of some of the most effective physical and energetic methods of bodywork treatment, both modern and ancient. IB utilizes a broad range of techniques to increase the scope of what can be accomplished in sessions and significantly speeds the body's self-healing abilities. IB may greatly reduce recovery time from certain types of chronic health conditions, such as:

  • chronic pain
  • alignment issues, both skeletal & muscular
  • chronic back problems, particularly lower back pain
  • chronic neck, shoulder, and joint pain
  • chronic headaches/migraines
  • arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.
  • menstrual dysfunction and irregularity
  • chronic digestive/gastro-intestinal conditions
  • other chronic organ problems leading to serious health conditions
  • long-standing mental-emotional issues including depression and anxiety
  • degenerative nerve conditions

IB recognizes that the more angles at which you come at a particular problem, the faster it is solved. The methods and procedures utilized in Integrated Bodywork overlap with the following disciplines:  Shiatsu Therapy, Tui Na Massage (Traditional Chinese Massage for Injuries), Active Release, Orthopedic Assessment, Cupping, Medical Qi Gong, Polarity Therapy, Re-Balancing, Biofeedback / Muscle Testing, Bodytalk, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Myo-fascial Release, Dry-needling, guided visualization, etc. There is much overlap in the techniques used in all of the above modalities, a few of which are explained below.

IB – Packages:

There are three differently sized packages to choose from for this service: Two, three, and four session packages. Each package has a different redemption period in which each session must be completed. Choose the package that best suits you.

Medical Technology Products & Services

Water Ionziers

Alkaline, hydrogren-rich water for all of your anti-aging, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory needs.


Resonance Mats


Resonance Machines