What others say...

Seamus' treatments are like a warm bowl of oatmeal, a hot bath, and a deep sleep all in one

Dave Campbell, SaltSpring Island BC Chimney Sweep

Seamus is highly intuitive and works from a series of modalities. He is very good at what he does!

Whitney Laughlin, Victoria BC

While Seamus does indeed do massage, he offers much more. He's a holistic healer offering energy work, nutrition guidance, psychological therapy... the list goes on. It does his clients a great disservice to think that he only offers massage.

Susan-Rose Slatkoff, Victoria BC

My experience with Seamus is that his instincts combined with skillful hands lead to a healing touch. I have had great benefit in a short time period and he is quite informative about follow up stretches and exercise. I would highly recommend him as a therapist.

Fran Williams, Victoria BC

Seamus is a remarkable healer. I've tried many other modalities including, IMS, acupuncture, massage and physiotherapy without a lot of relief. After two sessions with Seamus my pain had lessened substantially. I hope to continually improve as I attend more sessions with him. I would recommend him for anyone dealing with chronic pain.

Anonymous (by request), Victoria BC

I originally went to see Seamus for Shiatsu Therapy. I was so impressed with my first session and how deep I went that I bought a package of three sessions of Integrated Bodywork.  I had no idea at the time how life changing my experience with Seamus would be. At the time I was feeling lost and discouraged, so we worked on that and had many discussions where Seamus would hold me accountable and call me on the BS I was telling myself. During the bodywork I would go very deep and released a lot of stored emotional memory. It is now 8 months since those appointments with Seamus and I can say my life has transformed… I am back on my path feeling very inspired and in control.  I highly recommend Seamus and his work.  He is a very compassionate person with a great understanding of, and insight into, what is most beneficial to you. And through his gentle compassion, amazing energy and his gift of healing you are sure to leave his office transformed.

Alisa Gamblin thebeliefconnection.com

“When Seamus works with me, he is both direct and compassionate.  Like a good friend, he calls me on my stuff, and like a loving father he shows me the way.  He is sensitive to my individual needs and I highly recommend his services.”

Patricia Grossutti, Nakusp BC

From my first treatment to the last, I felt stronger and clearer each time I saw Seamus.  He has a good sense of the ongoing treatment and was aware of the improvements made and subsequent work needed.  Normal massage and pills only did so much.  Once I finally committed to regular sessions, I was shocked by how quickly things changed and equally surprised someone was able to bring such healing to what was a very painful body to live in.  Thank you for all that you are Seamus  

Anonymous, Vancouver BC

I will definitely be back to see Seamus. I have seen So many different doctors, specialists, therapists etc and after reading a bit about his approach, I knew I should go and see him. I had NO expectations and went in open minded. I did however really think that I was still just going in for some sort of massage...I was wrong. It was so much more than that. He really paid attention to what I had written down on the intake form and I feel he really knows how to get to the root causes of your issues. I love his approach and how he goes deeper than just "massage" including energy balancing, mindfulness and focusing on your overall well-being. He shared with me new tools that I could use on my own that I know will be very helpful in my continued healing and overall well-being. If you are thinking of going to see him, I would recommend him highly, and go in with an open mind :). I am so grateful to have had the experience and I will definitely be back to see him. Thank you Seamus

Tasha Duckworth, Victoria BC

Sessions with Seamus are like….nothing else.  Whether I come to him with a physical or emotional challenge, he seems to know exactly what to do.  I know now that sometimes to truly heal requires a willingness to embrace what I call "good pain", to push beyond my comfort zone and be willing to challenge myself both physically and mentally, both inside and outside of treatment.  Seamus not only makes me feel incredible in both the short and long-term, but he challenges me to take responsibility for my health.  I've learned to face myself and see how I unconsciously create my experience of reality, from my physical pain to the circumstances of my life.  And after years of skepticism, I have unwavering faith in holistic alternative medicine.  I can't thank Seamus enough for the beautiful changes he (as he would say) has helped ME to create.  Professional, caring, and committed… Seamus is a true Healer.

Allison McDougall, Salt Spring Isl. BC

Seamus is a bright, calming presence and I felt heard in my session. I felt comfortable saying what felt good or when there was soreness. The shiatsu session was completely tailored to my concerns about low back pain, hamstring tightness and a slightly creaky neck. During and after the session my back felt new. He even recommended an exercise to strengthen my low back. I actually didn’t realise there were things I could do that could work until now!  I happily recommend Seamus to anyone seeking treatment for a sore back or tightness. 

Danielle Worster, Victoria BC

I met Seamus thru a groupon for a shiatsu massage......what I got was a lot more than that!  I actually received a massage that was more relaxing and dealt with my sore points better than a normal massage would have.  The massage hit the points that I was complaining about and then he found a few more spots that I wasn't even aware that I have a problem with.  The morning after I was able to move my shoulders and upper body a lot easier.   I would highly recommend a session or two with Seamus.

Brenda Sutton, Victoria BC

Seamus hits all the spots that need attention in a way only he can.  He managed to find the hidden sources of what seems like all of my physical issues and I am a new woman for it.  Sometimes he stimulates points in my shoulder that, when pressed, make we weep in relief.  Within a day or two of treatment, my old pains disappear.  He also helps me recognize where I am getting in the way of my own healing process and has helped me "upgrade" my life by leaps and bounds.  Having a regular massage is nice but Seamus is the only person I have come across that can find the source of the issue and knows how to deal with it.  He has a magic mind and magic hands!

Margo Greggains, Salt Spring Isl. BC

This letter is a testimonial to the knowledgeable and sensitive application in the Integrative Bodywork technique of Seamus Robertson.  Shiatsu was suggested to me as an alternative to regular massage, which was helping me to relax, but did not help the considerable pain I was experiencing in my hips and leg.  I walked almost continually with a cane, at that time, to relieve the pain.  Agreeing to try Shiatsu, I met with Seamus and soon learned that I was a victim of sciatica.  After one treatment I was almost pain free for the week before seeing him again.  Through regular weekly treatments Seamus helped me to completely recover from this debilitating ailment in two months time.  I had lost my mobility and freedom to go where I will and with his help have gained it back and feel 10 years younger.  He is a caring and sensitive human being and a master at what he does.  I highly recommend him.”  

Judith Ashley, Salt Spring Isl. BC

I walked away from my session today with Seamus feeling like so much weight had been lifted of my shoulders and feeling completely recharged. Had it been possible to stay after the session, I suspect I would have had the best sleep ever on his table! I also appreciated Seamus's intuitive and compassionate coaching abililities. He helped bring clarity to some big challenges I am having in my life. I have no doubt in my mind that Seamus is a gifted healer who could have only learned this from walking the wellness path himself. I will definitely be returning and plan on bringimg my son who has been suffering immensely from brain trauma.

Monica Mueller, Victoria BC

I really enjoyed my session with Seamus! My treatment seemed to be intuitively guided, as it was exactly what I needed to move the stuck energy that I felt in my body I am new to Victoria so I am trying a varied of different practitioners Seamus is exactly what I have been searching for! This is not just an ordinary massage, which is what I thought I was purchasingthis is something much, much better Extremely effective!! I am definitely rebooking 🙂

Anonymous, Victoria BC